Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Query: BENNETT/VANDYKE of Montgomery and Marion Counties

Query: I am hoping you can give me some suggestions regarding how to find the date and place of death for Ruth Adele BENNETT, who was born December 3, 1891 in Crawfordsville, Montgomery County, Indiana. She was the daughter of Robert M. Bennett of Crawfordsville. She married Irvin C. VANDYKE, Jr. on October 10, 1931 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. Their marriage dissolved some time in the 1930's but I have no idea when or where they divorced. She may have re-married, and she may have eventually left Indiana--I am not sure.
I would appreciate any help.

Thank you!

Submitted by:
Frank Hoffman
Chicago, IL

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  1. Have you looked for obituaries for Ruth’s siblings and her father, to see if they mention her as a survivor? That could help you place her, as well as determine what her last name was at that point in time. Also, if you go to the Social Security Death Index on Rootsweb ( and click on the Advanced Search button, you can input December 3, 1891 as the date of birth and Ruth as the first name and it will return 18 hits—you may want to try tracking down obituaries for some of these, to see if any of them is possibly the one you are looking for.

    Good luck in your search.