Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Query: GEORGE/WEBB of Franklin County

Query: I am researching a Sarah GEORGE, who was born in 1809 in Franklin County, Indiana and died 20 June 1890 in Mendocino County, California. She was married to a Lewis Dewes WEBB who was born 26 April 1811 in Harrison, Indiana and died 4 August 1892 in Butte County, California. Would there be any record of Sarah George's birth or parents in Franklin County?

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  1. Sarah George is my ancestor on two lines (Rucker and Webb). There is not a birth record in Franklin county for her. There were two Sarah Georges the same age in said county. The other Sarah George was the daughter of a William George and she married David Collier. Our Sarah George married first to Benjamin Rucker in 1826 and later, in California, she married second to Lewis Dewes Webb. I have more information but do not know for sure who her parents were. You may write me at: