Sunday, April 29, 2018

Kudos To The Clark County Museum Staff

We would like to toss a bouquet or two to the staff of the Clark County Museum in Jeffersonville. They hosted the IGS Seminar on Friday and really made us feel welcome. The Museum has an outstanding collection of Clark County materials and should be on your "Must-Visit" list when you are in the area. They also went the extra mile and arranged a great dinner for us at the St. Paul's Episcopal Church. The pastor of St. Paul's showed us the only church record book that survived the 1937 flood, and that really had Curt Witcher's eyes and ears perking up. So IGS wishes to express our appreciation for all the Clark County folks' hospitality. We were glad we came down to the river!

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Query: Ralph Chapman Kneisley, LaPorte County

            I read an article from the La Porte County Genealogy Society subject being Indentures of Apprenticeship. There is no way to contact this society and they may not exist anymore for me to research. The subject in the article was written by Harold Henderson.

            The segment of the article of interest to me is locating MR Book 5/207. I called St Joseph Archives and they were of no help. Can you be of assistance? The segment is:

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Ralph Chapman KNEISLEY, (3) 02 September 1899, (4) Between Melissa KNEISLEY of Walkerton, St. Joseph Co. (mother of child) and Jacob KNEISLEY, La Porte County, (5) Child was born 21 November 1885. In effect until child is 21 years of

age and said child is to be given one hundred dollars in cash, (6) Before Mortimer NYE, Notary Public.

            Can someone contact me about this Indenture? Thanks.

Ralph Kneisley

736 Holston Creek Church Road

Inman SC  29349

Query: Wesley Henderson Swift, Delaware/Madison County

            I have run into a little mystery in regards to my family tree and I was wondering if you could help me shed some light on it.

            Matthew Swift married Hannah Secrist Jones on 2/14/1873.  From what I have gathered in my research, they got a divorce sometime between 1873 and 1880. Hannah remarried on 9/27/1880 to a Theophilis Neely in Michigan.  In the 1880 census it shows Matthew Swift and his father Malachi Swift boarding with a family named the Tuttles in Yorktown, Indiana, and they were both listed as widowed and Matthew was listed as having no children.

            The mystery begins here:  On 3/7/1883, Wesley Henderson Swift was born (cannot find an official birth certificate).  On 11/27/1886 Matthew Swift married Mary Elizabeth Blevins/Blevans/Blevens (not sure on official name spelling).  This marriage took place 3 years after Wesley was born.  

            All documents that I find show Mary as Wesley's mother.  So, did Matthew and Mary have Wesley out of wedlock and were living together for 3 years prior to their marriage?   Or did Matthew have Wesley with another woman that I cannot find?  Or did Mary have Wesley with another man and Matthew adopted Wesley and give him the last name of Swift?  

            All of the events listed above occurred in Delaware County and/or Madison County.  An official birth certificate or christening for Wesley Henderson Swift listing the parents name would help out tremendously.  Also, if you could help me find out how Mary Elizabeth Blevins/Blevans/Blevens last name is spelled would be a help as well.  If Matthew was married to another woman between his marriages to Hannah Secrist Jones and Mary Elizabeth Blevins/Blevans/Blevens, who was she and how did she die?

            Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Christopher Swift

IGS Member since 2018

If you have any questions, please contact me at

Query: Ray Stucker and Anna Young, Jefferson County

            Seeking marriage and divorce records for Ray Stucker and Anna Young in Jefferson County, Indiana. I know that they were married more than once. I am their son and didn't grow up with them.

Calvin Stucker

750 E Ohio St., Apt 10

Jasonville, Indiana 47438