Monday, May 23, 2016

Query: John and Catherine Gillum, Indiana

            Looking for birth or other records for John Gillum, born July 1839, according to He later married Catherine __ Gillum and lived in Monroe, WI. Son Harry Gillum was my maternal great-grandfather.
            Also, if you have any records on Catherine Gillum, maiden name unknown, it would be appreciated.  She is listed as born in North Carolina.
            My grandmother, Elizabeth Jane Gillum Gallagher, used to say she was related to General and Dr. Joseph Warren, a Revolutionary War hero, or even went back to John Smith and Pocahontas. I'm trying to trace it back, and separate truth from legend.
            The name Gillum could be French (Gillaume) or a variation of Gilliam or Gillom.

Christopher R. Walsh

Query: Eva Lavon Helvey, Northern Indiana Orphan's Home

            I am trying to find if there are any records from the Northern Indiana Orphan's Home that might reference my mother. She was there from Jan. 1908 to Dec. 1909.
            Her name was Eva Lavon Helvey. Thank You.

Query: Jeremiah Girton, Wayne County

            I am hoping someone there can help me with some research on my fourth
great-grandfather.  The 1810 Census puts him in Washington, KY. 
            Here is the information I have:
Jeremiah Girton, Est year of birth 1773 (Undocumented info states born in Maryland, but not sourced); Date of Death 23 May 1845, in Boston Township, Wayne County, IN (Documented by last will and testament)
            Spouse:  Jane Moore, Date of Birth 1 July 1783, in Kentucky; Date of Death 23 Dec 1871, in Boston Township, Wayne County, IN
            I am looking for parental information on both Jeremiah and Jane as well as a marriage document for the couple.

Erin Marr
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