Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Query: Mason Ray Palmer, Daviess County

                I am searching for any ancestors or other descendants of Mason Ray Palmer, born 1807 in South Carolina, who married Rachel Horrall in 1832 and died in Daviess County in 1847.  His father was Joshua Palmer, but there is confusion about which of the Joshua Palmers from South Carolina. 
                After the birth of six children, the last of whom was Mason Ray II and the death of Mason’s wife Rachel Horrall, he married Rebecca Baldwin and they had four children.
                Mason II had 2 children by his first wife, Eva Smith, the first of whom was his son Arra Palmer  and then Alma Palmer (Hamer), and then 5 children by his second wife Imogene Blanche Palmer.
                Arra’s only child was my father, Wilfred Palmer, whose mother died after childbirth.  He was raised by his maternal aunt and grandmother.
                It seems that the only way to determine the correct Joshua lineage is to find direct male descendants of Mason and do comparative DNA with other Joshua descendants.  I am interested, however, in any general or specific family information available on either of the Mason Palmers or their other descendants. 

Linda Palmer Farbry
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