Saturday, July 27, 2019

Indiana DNR Improves SHAARD Cemeteries Map

          The Indiana Historic Buildings, Bridges, and Cemeteries map (IHBBC) is a great resource! This new map, which replaces the former SHAARD GIS map, is run by Esri and can be accessed online within the Division of Historic Preservation and Archaeology via the SHAARD Online Database link.

          Once you get to the SHAARD Database page, click on the Indiana Historic Buildings, Bridges, and Cemeteries Map link. This will allow you to launch the app and the user can begin to explore the map.
          For returning users, this map has many new features and improvements to the old SHAARD GIS map. A User Guide is available and will be updated as new features and updates are added to the map.

          Contact Megan Copenhaver ( for specific questions or suggestions concerning the map. Thanks and happy searching!
SHAARD Map of Sullivan County

Click on the gray triangles for cemeteries

Thursday, July 25, 2019

State Library Adds Fire Insurance Maps Subscription

          The Indiana State Library has a new resource, Fire Insurance Maps Online (FIMo). 

          It contains Sanborn, Baist, and other insurance maps for over 300 Indiana cities and towns covering the mid-1880s to mid-1960s.  The best feature is that you can put in a modern address or geographic coordinates and it will show you what maps are available for that location and allow you to overlay the historic map over modern Google imagery.  You can then download images to a flash drive or print them. 

          This subscription resource is only available on location, but the trip to the Indiana State Library in Indianapolis is worth the trip!

Monday, July 22, 2019

FamilySearch Digital Library Update

I picked up a printed copy (remember those?) of the Ohio Genealogy News 
at the OGS booth during the Midwestern Roots Conference. 
Kip Sperry had a page there about the following resource, which led me to check it out.
If you were not aware of it, FamilySearch for years has been partnering with many repositories to digitize their genealogy and history books collections. 
By now this resource is beyond huge, 
and among other items is packed with family histories.
Login to (accounts are free), open the Search tab, and then Books. 
Keep coming back, because hundreds of folks and scanners are adding to this collection every day...every day...every day!.

Monday, July 8, 2019

Probates Sorting Day, Plainfield, Friday, July 12

If you have some free time near Hendricks County, IGS volunteers could use some help. 
C'mon Down!