Friday, February 27, 2015

Query: Gerald or Noudas Loudenback, WW2, Anderson

                I recently purchased four WW2 letters sent by Gerald E. Loudenback to Mrs. Noudas Loudenback of R. R. #5, Anderson, IN. Gerald was a Navy enlisted man assigned to squadron VR-12 of the Naval Air Transport Service in the Pacific Theater.
            All of the letters were mailed in October of 1944. I would like to give these letters to a family member of the Loudenbacks. Please reply to the below email address.

Ron Darrah
Indianapolis, IN

Query: Alexander Hampton Wagnon, Dublin(?), Indiana

Dear Sir:
            I am writing for information on the new Dublin ferry boat. They built the new one because the old one was destroyed in a storm.
            My mother said that her grandfather Alexander Hampton Wagnon was a pilot on the new ferry around 1901.
            I would like to know what river the ferry ran on (maybe the Little River?) and anything you could tell me about Alexander Wagnon. Thank you very much.

Ellen Center
1912 Fairway Drive
Augusta, GA 30906
(706) 793-5082

[IGS Notes: 1. The town of Dublin in Wayne County is not on any river. 2. Alexander Hampton Wagnon/Wagnor/Wagner does not appear on the 1900 Census of Indiana.]

Query: Nathan Fitzgerald, Fulton County

                I am looking for the death record and burial place for my great-grandfather, Nathan Fitzgerald. He was born in 1824 and died in 1858 in Fulton County, Indiana, in a tragic logging accident. 
                He left a wife, Mary Prince, and four young boys and one unborn boy, who was to be named Nathan L. Fitzgerald. They seemed to be living near Rochester.

Doris Maris