Saturday, April 14, 2018

Query: Ralph Chapman Kneisley, LaPorte County

            I read an article from the La Porte County Genealogy Society subject being Indentures of Apprenticeship. There is no way to contact this society and they may not exist anymore for me to research. The subject in the article was written by Harold Henderson.

            The segment of the article of interest to me is locating MR Book 5/207. I called St Joseph Archives and they were of no help. Can you be of assistance? The segment is:

(1) Indenture of Apprenticeship, (2) Ralph Chapman KNEISLEY, (3) 02 September 1899, (4) Between Melissa KNEISLEY of Walkerton, St. Joseph Co. (mother of child) and Jacob KNEISLEY, La Porte County, (5) Child was born 21 November 1885. In effect until child is 21 years of

age and said child is to be given one hundred dollars in cash, (6) Before Mortimer NYE, Notary Public.

            Can someone contact me about this Indenture? Thanks.

Ralph Kneisley

736 Holston Creek Church Road

Inman SC  29349

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  1. Ralph -- I replied via your email. Thanks for writing. I need the article's title and the name of the publication it appeared in. I'm at No need to reply to this if you got my email. -- Harold