Sunday, September 2, 2012

Query:City of Oust (West) Indiana

I am researching my husbands line and have found a very interesting entry in a church record and need some help figuring where in Indiana it may be. Her is the entry in the Maternity BVM Catholic Church , Bourbonnias Ill 20 June 1853 marriage of Jean Baptiste MORIN, son of Jacques MOIN an Celeste FOURNIER of "City Oust (West) Indiana." to Mathilda BROSSEAU of age daughter of Pierre BROSSEAU and Judit DRACHE. Can you tell me where this city Oust is or what the town they are referring to? Thanks for your help. Evelyn Hoebelheinrich 16428 88th St E Summer, WA 98390

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  1. Probably refers to a former area of Porter County, established in the late 1830s, near the dunes. An article at the Porter County GenWeb explains City West: