Sunday, September 16, 2012

Query: WORYK, and KAT of Marion County

Looking for information on Andrew WORYK, he may have lived in the Indianapolis area. Andrew immigrated in 1910; he married a woman named Katherine around 1913 in Marion County. Their first child was born around 1915 possibly near Indianapolis. Andrew had a brother Peter born in Europe on 24 December 1884 with the middle initial of D. He married a Stella KAT in Marion County. There might have been one other brother named Dumitro born 23 Nov 1885. Any help would be appreciated. Doug Works 428 Woodcrest Drive Mechanicsburg, PA 17050


  1. Edit: not sure where Andrew married Katherine Kalichun; may have been Indiana, may have been Pittsburgh.. .dunno. Would love to get a marriage certificate.

    Andrew and Katherine had their first child, Mary, in Indianapolis on August 10, 1915. Would love to get her birth certificate.

    Dmitro/Dumitro was the one who married "Stella Kat" in Marion County on May 14, 1914. Ditto on the marriage certificate.

    Andrew was related to a "William Woryk" who also lived in Indianapolis in 1916. Not sure of how they were related; assuming they were cousins, uncle/nephew, etc.

  2. Doug - The 1915 birth record can be requested from the Marion County Health Department's Vital Records section ( Also, the Indiana State Department of Health has copies of births from Indiana counties from 1907 onward( As for the 1914 marriage record (and the marriage applications for the bride & groom), they can be requested from the Marion County Clerk (

    1. Thank you! Looking into it...

    2. I am really looking for verification of Mary's *grandparents*. For that, I'm pretty sure I would need church birth/baptism records. They would have attended a Ukrainian Orthodox church somewhere in or around Indianapolis. Can anyone help me in that regards? I found this link that lists 3 such churches in Indiana: