Monday, August 1, 2016

Query: Thelma Hope Elliott, Marion County

            My mother, Thelma Hope Elliott was adopted in Indianapolis, IN on August 27, 1923. I have a copy from the City of Indianapolis Division of Public Health Record of Birth.  It was recorded in Volume 30 Certificate 4807.
            I am searching for her birth parents.  On the 1930 census it indicates that her mother was from IN and her father was from OH. How do I find out who her birth parents are?
            Also, the certificate was dated October 25, 1941, when she would have been 18.  So, I am wondering was the adoption finalized when she was 18.  Was it conditional till she was 18.
            Any answers or guidance would be appreciated. Many thanks.

Deana Ponso
1008 W. Bellamy Drive
Quincy, FL  32351

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