Monday, August 29, 2016

Query: Gibson, Dearborn County

            I am trying to find out more about Isaiah or Isaac Gibson, who was a "country doctor" in Dillsboro, Dearborn County, Indiana in the early 1800s. His son David Gibson was born there in 1827, moved to Indianapolis, and died in 1883. If I am right, Isaiah was the son of David Gibson and Elizabeth Hawkins, who married after both being freed from captivity with Native Americans. David and Elizabeth Gibson are buried in the Old Dillsboro cemetery.
            I'd like confirmation that Isaiah was a doctor and David Gibson's father, the name of Isaiah's wife, names of any other children, date of Isaiah death and his wife's death.
            I was in touch with a volunteer researcher in Dillsboro briefly. He told me of the burial sites, and then, when I tried to call him back, I learned he had died. I have had no luck finding help since then.

Pam Peirce
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