Sunday, May 3, 2015

Query: Molloy/Malloy, Owen/Marion/Daviess Counties

            Searching for Molloy/Malloy in Owens/Marion/Daviess or other counties in Indiana. Family includes, Emmett Molloy, Winifred Edwards Molloy, Andrew and Sarah Jackson, Sarah Molloy; Almanza Francis Admire, born 4 Jan 1860 in Trafalgar, Johnson County, Indiana; Died 27 Dec 1939 in Indianapolis, Marion County, Indiana. She married Thomas Moore Edwards, born 1855- died 1900, and after his death she married Howe Patrick, born 1865-died 1935).
    Peter S. Molloy, born 1842, married Sarah Jackson, 1844-1900.  Their only son Emmet was born 1883-died 1918.  Emmet married Winifred Edwards, and their only son was my Grandfather William Edwards Molloy b. 1903.

Susan Molloy Owens
1509 Tearose Dr. 
Bloomington, IL 61704

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