Thursday, May 28, 2015

Got A Digitization Idea? Send It In!

The Indiana Genealogical Society is compiling a list of possible Indiana genealogy projects for digitization and indexing. The Society wants to understand (a) what resources might be out in the state that contain data usable for genealogical researchers, and (b) what has not yet been converted into digital form.

The resources may be in printed, manuscript, or microform. They may be a few paragraphs or a few dozen names to hundreds or thousands of pages.

What is IGS looking for? The basic parameter is this: Can the material be used to help genealogists find and extend their knowledge of families and individual?

What do you know? Be creative, brainstorm, peer into nooks and crannies, open old boxes, check interesting envelopes, ask piercing questions, work with your friends, go far afield, tramp down new pathways, go crazy…Ignore difficulties -- assume everything is doable.

No item is too small, no idea is too big!

When submitting an idea, include enough detail about project scope and location to allow IGS/others to pursue the project further.

Email your contribution to IGS at or mail your idea to IGS, PO Box 10507, Fort Wayne, IN 46852-0507.

The Indiana genealogy world will be in your debt. Thanks!

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