Thursday, September 24, 2015

New Database of Civil War Burials plus Select Indiana Legion Rosters

We are thrilled to announce several new Civil War databases on the IGS website!

All of these databases are in the Members-Only section of the IGS website. Not a member? Join today!

Military Records:

- Burials of Civil War Veterans from Indiana (1861-1904)
An index of 17,500 veterans of the Civil War who either served in an Indiana regiment or were buried in an Indiana cemetery, as listed on applications to have the federal government purchase a tombstone for their graves. Compiled by Meredith Thompson.

County Records:

The following are browsable digital images of rosters of the Indiana Legion, which was formed to protect Indiana's borders during the Civil War. All are in the collection of the Indiana State Archives and contributed by Ron Darrah.

Benton County:
- Roster of Benton Guards, Indiana Legion, Benton County, Indiana (1861)

Delaware County:
- Roster of Liberty Rangers, Indiana Legion, Delaware County, Indiana (1861)

Gibson County:
- Roster of Oakland Rangers, Indiana Legion, Gibson County, Indiana (1861)

Union County:
- Roster of Morton Scouts (Cavalry), Indiana Legion, Union County, Indiana (1863)
Vigo County:
- Roster of Terre Haute Guards, Indiana Legion, Vigo County, Indiana (1863)

White County:
- Roster of Monticello Rifles, Indiana Legion, White County, Indiana (1861)

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