Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Query: Walter Ernest Davis/Pillman, LaPorte County

                I am writing in hope of finding some additional paperwork involved in my dad's adoption.  His mother, Ada "Addie" Rumbaugh, died two weeks after his birth. He was adopted by her sister, Grace, and husband Glenn Pillman on March 28th, 1918.
                I have a copy of a legal document from the LaPorte Superior Court:  "In the Matter of the adoption of Walter Ernest Davis, a minor..No.3296"  It goes on to say "the mother of said child is dead, said father's consent is in these words, to-wit  (INSERT), and now the matter..........
                Additionally, "adjudged and decreed by the court that said Walter Ernest Davis be and he is hereby adopted by said petitioners, Glenn and Grace Pillman ....and his name changed to Walter Ernest Pillman.
                "Cause No. 3296 Re: Adoption of Walter Ernest Davis appears upon the records on file in my office in Civil Order Book 12, page 525."  Clerk LaPorte Superior Court, Chris J. Bielefeldt.
                What I hope to find is the  consent document signed by the father and referenced as "INSERT" above.  If there is any other paperwork involved, I am requesting that, as well.

Veronica Gutierrez
Washington State

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