Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Query: Scotts In America? Monroe/Vigo Counties

                 I'm looking for a book/booklet printed in 1904 in Blackhawk, Indiana. The author is unknown. It is thought that the title possibly is: "Our Scotts in America".   [I do not know the actual title]. 
                It is a genealogy beginning with Simon SCOTT who was kidnapped from Scotland in the mid to late 1700's. Simon landed in the Carolinas where he was bound out to a family, working as a servant until he reached manhood. Simon lived from about 1742 to approximately 1784. He was married to Mary "Polly". Her last name was either WATKINS or HARN (possibly HORN or HARNE).
                They had 3 known sons: Jonathan (1778 - 29 Nov 1845), died 8 miles west of Bloomington, Monroe Co, Indiana [married to Catherine BORDERS, born 3 Mar 1787 in Rowan, North Carolina; died after Feb 1846]; William (born ca 1782); and Daniel (born ca 1784 probably in South Carolina, died in 1870 in Hamilton Co, Illinois.)
                I am hoping this  book/booklet is in a public library but have been unsuccessful locating it thus far.

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