Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Query: Harry P. Jones Family, Wayne County(?)

                 You all are so wonderful!! Also, need to thank Wayne County, IN, for all their help too!
They contacted their library and found the obit for my Harry P. Jones who was born in PA, lived in IN and passed in MI. So now I have the death cert. ordered from MD.- Really need his mother’s maiden name!   When their father passed in Lancaster, PA. his wife Sarah moved to IN to either live with her daughter Sallie or her sister(?)
                Harry was one of nine children (that I know of). His brother Elam is my great grandfather (Elam’s death cert had his parents unknown). Elam moved to Philadelphia to work for the PRR and married Lydia Boehm.
                What’s interesting on Harry's obit - he had one brother and two sisters still surviving (I'm sure this does not include my Elam who passed in 1914 in Philadelphia.)
                So my missing siblings are Catherine, ca 1833, William, ca 1835, Sarah, ca 1836, James, ca 1837, Sallie, ca 1842, Lydia, ca 1843 (married Whitman), Letitia, ca 1845, John, ca 1852. Their brother Matthew stayed in Lancaster, PA and passed 1901. They were all born in Lancaster, PA.
                It’s difficult with the surname Jones! If anyone could help or guide me to where I might find marriage records, etc. for the above siblings would be wonderful.
                [Sorry this is so wordy! Any information would be helpful - I live in PA., so it’s difficult for me to research.]

Marjorie Tracey


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