Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Query: Bertha Krull, LaPorte County

In Dec. 1897, in LaPorte County, Bertha Krull sued her brother-in-law, Harry Travis, for breach of promise. In Feb. Her sister, Cenia Krull, had married Harry. The settlement of the suit is unknown to me.
On Feb. 18, 1898, James McClellan was murdered at Bark and Schoof's saloon in LaPorte. This according to a newspaper article in the Westville Indicator - 19 March,1898. Bertha Krull was a witness in the trial for the murder. The notoriety and embarrassment, apparently, caused Bertha to be rejected by her family in St Joseph County in Michigan.
She disappeared and the family never heard of her again. We desire more information of the suit, the trial, and her whereabouts.
 John Krull
 57082 Tim Ave   
Three Rivers, MI 49093

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