Wednesday, December 11, 2013

FOUND: Photo of Lela McKENNA of Vigo County

Geri Bell ( of the Southport Antique Mall has found a framed photo identified on the back as being "Lela McKenna Naehring born 1 August 1900, daughter of James and Mary McKenna, sister of John William McKenna, Sr. Fontanet, Indiana". The photo is tinted and appears to have been taken when the woman was in her 20's - she is wearing a dark dress and has short brown hair and blue eyes. Research has found that Lela McKenna has a connection to the Vigo County area:

Lela Catherine McKENNA (born 1 August 1899 or 1 August 1900 in Fontanet, Vigo County, Indiana; died 27 June 1965 in Guernsey County, Ohio) married Fred PHILABAUM on 1 March 1919 in Vigo County. They were divorced 15 January 1921 in Vigo County, and on 28 July 1923 in Summit County, Ohio, Lela married Frank Henry NAEHRING (born 20 July 1896 in Akron, Ohio).

Lela was the daughter of James P. McKenna (born 12 August 1854 in England; died 15 August 1916 in Vigo County) and Mary DUDDY (born August 1854 in England; died July 1938), who married circa 1880. They arrived in the United States around 1881. James P., wife Mary and several of their children are buried in Calvary Cemetery in Terre Haute. James and several of his sons (and sons-in-law) were coal miners.

Lela's siblings were:
--Edward McKenna (born June 1883; died February 1933) - married 27 May 1902 in Vigo County to Josephine GRADY (born about 1882). Edward was a coal miner who lived in Vigo County, Clay County and Sullivan County. He and wife Josephine had several children: James T., Edward, Mildred, Francis B., Maxine, Josephine, LaVerne and Donald.
--John W. McKenna (born 5 September 1888; died 17 December 1937) - married 17 July 1909 in Vigo County to Lenora "Nora" DOWELL (born 5 October 1891).
--Joseph McKenna (born 9 January 1890 or 1891 in Fontanet; died 1 February 1951). He enlisted in September 1917 in Galesburg, Illinois and served in World War I as a Private in Company C of the 6th Engineers. From May 1930 to October 1930, he stayed at the National Home for Disabled Veteran Soldiers in Danville, Illinois for various health issues, including defective hearing.
--Thomas Nicholas McKenna (born 3 December 1893 or 1894 in Fontanet; died after 1942) - married about 1923 to Katherine
--Minnie McKenna (born 3 September 1896 in Fontanet; died between 1926-1930) - married 6 September 1914 in Vigo County to Charles Earl HOFFMAN (born 18 September 1891; died February 1954)

If you are connected to this family, please contact Geri Bell - e-mail; phone (317) 786-8246.

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