Thursday, February 14, 2013

IGS Adds 6 Miscellaneous Databases To Members-Only

The Indiana Genealogical Society has added 6 databases to the Miscellaneous Records section of our Members Only area:

--Residents Who Borrowed From Indiana's College Fund and Saline Fund (1836)
--Residents Who Borrowed From Indiana's Sinking Fund (1837)
--Mortgages of Lawrenceburg & Indianapolis Railroad (1841)
--Indiana Land Purchased for Right of Way Along The Michigan Road (1841)
--Selected Workers for The Michigan Road (1836)
--Selected Workers for The Wabash & Erie Canal (1838)

These are premium databases, accessible only to IGS members.

The Indiana Genealogical Society now has 981 databases in the Members Only area. Each of Indiana's 92 counties has at least 4 databases.

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