Monday, February 11, 2013

Contact Indiana Legislators For A New State Archives

For over a decade Indiana's State Archives have been housed in a "temporary" location - a former warehouse on the east side of Indianapolis (photo courtesy of Ron Darrah). This building was not designed to be an archival repository and is not climate-controlled, and the documents and other materials are at risk from a leaky roof, as well as high winds and tornados.

The Indiana General Assembly is already making appropriations to commemorate the state's bicentennial in 2016 - funds are being designated for the Indiana War Memorial to preserve the battle flags from Indiana's Civil War units, and plans are being made to purchase land for a new state park. A new building for the Indiana State Archives is the best way to ensure that Indiana's history (both recent and going back to territorial days) is around for the next 200 years.

Not sure who your Indiana representatives are? Lookup your district. You can then find the contact information for all of the Indiana General Assembly.

Not a resident of Indiana? You can still contact Governor Mike Pence. The House Ways and Means committee is in charge of crafting the budget - contact the Ways and Means chair, Representative Tim Brown of Crawfordsville.

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