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Blanche May LYKINS born Dec 5, 1873 died Sept 5, 1967 was  my paternal grandmother, and 
orphaned at age 12,  married Charles (Charley) M TURNER (b May 2, 1874 d 1954).  They lived in Oakville Indiana, south of Muncie and are buried in Miller Cemetery, Middletown, Henry County.  Their house in Oakville was near the Electric Line trolley that had a station in Oakville, and ran to Muncie.

My father said his mother Blanche played with India WATSON and may have been her cousin.  Blanche grew up with an aunt of India's.  India married George WATSON and they had a daughter Gladys WATSON who married Gilbert HEWET.  They were lifelong family friends.  India WATSON may have been born India SNELL, daughter of Lora and Naoma SNELL. 

My father grew up in Oakville IN and went to Cowan High School and later to Ball State Teacher’s College in Muncie.  Some of his cousins on his father's side lived nearby:  Georgia Knight RUSSELL, daughter of Leo Teeter KNIGHT, daughter of Viola TURNER and George TEETER.  Also Kenneth ROSS son of Eva TURNER ROSS.  Noah and Sally SWAIN (not related) lived on a farm near Charley and Blanche TURNER in Oakville. Sally and Blanche were friends.

I'd be interested in any information you can provide on Blanche M. LYKINS’ parents and any of the other mention above. Some of these people may have lived in Delaware County.

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