Sunday, January 13, 2013

Query; BERRY/SHAW/LEWIS of Elkart

Rosa B BERRY alias Rosa SHAW, b. Iowa, Feb 1857, appears in 1900 US Census as Rosa SHAW, appears in numerous newspaper articles, mostly in Elkhart, Indiana, starting in 1905, the first of which are real estate transfers; then, starting in 1908 involved in horse and buggy theft, sentenced to Indianapolis Women's Prison in 1911. I would like to know where I can find records of her legal case and imprisonment. (She is in the 1910 US census at the same address as William H. Pike and in the 1920 US census at the same address as Ella Daly. Parolee, esp in the latter case?) Another person of interest is Charles BERRY alias Charles LEWIS, also arrested for theft, who is variously mentioned as Rosa's brother, half-brother, or brother-in-law (the latter most likely, I believe). He is in the Elkhart newspapers starting in Nov 1908,  
Thanks in advance for your reply.
Elaine Armstrong
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