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Query: BECKS of Indianapolis and Marion and Fayette Counties

I am researching three brothers who were noted gunsmiths in the Marion County and Indianapolis area in the mid-1800s. Their names were Christian BECK, Samuel BECK, and Jacob BECK. Their father was Christian BECK; however, he did not open a gun shop in Indianapolis. He eventually moved to Tioga Illinois and then westward on the Oregon Trail.

The three Becks had gun shops listed in Indianapolis and they were listed in the Indianapolis City Directory from 1858 onward.

Christian BECK was born in Pennsylvania, I believe, in 1813 and died in Marion County, Indiana on August 17, 1886. Christian was the brother of Samuel BECK who also made rifles. Christian was a gunsmith in Connersville indiana and moved to Indianapolis in 1835. He was a gunmaker in Indianapolis for main years with the last year of record being 1880. Christian made both flintlock rifles and percussion rifles. Christian held 3 ranks during the Civil War. Here are his stats: Residence Connersville IN; Enlisted on 9/25/1861 as a 1st Lieutenant. On 10/5/1861 he was commissioned into "L" Co. IN 2nd Cavalry He was discharged for promotion on 11/2/1863 On 11/2/1863 he was commissioned into Field & Staff IN 7th Cavalry He was discharged for promotion on 3/1/1864 On 4/30/1864 he was commissioned into Field & Staff IN 9th Cavalry He Resigned on 10/28/1864 Promotions: * Capt 6/21/1862 * Major 11/2/1863 (As of 7th IN Cav) * Lt Colonel 3/1/1864 (As of 9th IN Cav) When a captain in the Civil War his outfit was surrounded by Rebs and he and his men cut their way out without losing a man. For this deed the Governor of Indiana, Oliver P. Morton, persented him with a gold-headed cane.

I am trying to verify the information above and see if anyone has any information on the BECKS either in Connersville or Indianapolis.

I will be using information in an article and all sources will be cited as well as societies. Thank you.


Greg Allard


  1. Lt. Col. Christian Beck-Civil War Widow Pension filed on Feb. 24 1880-application # 260.532- certificate #197.459.
    I am looking for his burial location. Major Beck and Major Febles, led my great grandfather, William M. Ware and the 7th Indiana Cavalry Volunteers, in the 'sabre charge' on Feb. 22 1864 at the Battle of Okolona, Mississippi- General Smith with the Indiana Cavalry vs. General Nathan Forest. My great-grandfather was captured on that day and sent to Andersonville.

  2. Christian Beck's enlistment age shows 32. This would make his DOB abt 1929. The John Christain Beck that died on the Orgian Trail had 4 children. Joseph, Margaret (Robertson), Andrew
    Jackson, and Elizabeth (Rice)

  3. Larry I'm trying hard to find a pic of Christian Beck thanks for your help. Hope we can find something to go with the ring. Thanks again: TennesseeJeff

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  5. They are the Descendants of John Christian Beck who is the brother of Legendary Gunsmith John Philip Beck of Pennsylvania.