Sunday, June 19, 2011


I've been searching for a couple of years for further info of my paternal great grandfather and great grandmother. Their names are Clinton CLARK (born March 1827 in Sullivan County Indiana) to George Duncan CLARK (born abt. 1797 Virginia) (Nancy LISMAN (born 1806 Sullivan County Haddon Twp. Indiana-died 1900 Palestine, IL) and Nancy ADAMS (born 1851 Indiana) to Benjamin ADAMS Nov.14, 1826-Dec.7, 1898 Indiana and Mary VESTER (born Nov.14,1827)
Nancy ADAMS was Clinton's 3rd wife and they had two daughters: Barbara & Ida Mae. Ida Mae (Clark) Tohill was my grandmother-I have many cousins living in the Robinson, IL. area and no one knows of or where our great grandparents are buried. My uncle(who is 99 yrs. old and the only living grandchild) said that he never saw his grandfather, Clinton, and that his mother Ida Mae didn't talk about either her mother or father. The only documents which I have found have been marriage certificates for Clinton and all 3 of his wives-no death certificates or burial knowledge. Any info would so greatly be appreciated.

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  1. I am not sure, but "George Duncan Clark" often comes up as "George D Clerk" from VA... I've been trying to find out about George Duncan Clerk for a long time, but I think he had a son named John Shelton Clerk....

    Any heads up would be great!