Friday, June 25, 2010

Query: TUTTLE of Hancock County

I was born and raised in Fortvlle, Hancock Co., Indiana in 1931 and lived there until moving to Florida in 1952.
When I was a little girl, a local carpenter/friend made my sisters(both older)a little wooden 4 drawer chest to keep doll clothes in. I taught Kindergarten at #90 in Indianapolis and used this chest in the Housekeeping Corner for many years and left it there when moving to Florida. Eleven years ago, when visiting #90, the present Kdg. teacher told me that it was still there and had been used and painted many colors since then. She talked to the Principal who gave it back to me. My own Granddaughter then used it for years during her childhood years. I have always felt that if there are any Relatives of RAYMOND TUTTLE who made this chest, that his family should have it and would be happy to take it back to Fortville to give it to them. I think it is possibly, at least 80 years old. Thank you,
Sue Lockwood
686 42nd Ct.
Vero Beach, Florida 32968

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