Saturday, October 4, 2008

Query: Jones/Loftin of Vermillion County

I am researching the Jones family of Rileysburg, Vermillion County, Indiana. Their farm was originally purchased by a Dr. Loftin. He was a physician whose farm specialized in animal raising. His daughter was Ada Loftin who married a William Jones. I'm not sure of the first name of Ada's husband--it could have been James. There were 13 children of David Jones in Ohio. Emily and Oliver Jones lived on the farm in Rileysburg. I would like to know how a Loftin bought land in Vermillion County, Indiana and why. Oliver Jones inherited the property from his mother (Ada) in the 1930's. His brother, Raymond, also got land there.

Helen M. Jones
1284 Thurston Dr.
Columbus, OH 43227

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