Friday, August 31, 2007

Query:McElroy/Taylor/Hamilton of Jefferson County

I am trying to locate a death certificate, or a grave marker for my great-great-great-great-grandfather. His name was John McElroy, born in Ireland, circa 1770-1775.
He came to the Americas circa 1801-1802. His then-wife was Margaret--she passed away in 1821.

His second wife was Jane (Taylor) McElroy, she passed away circa 1826. This marriage took place in the Lancaster, PA area. Along with his family he moved to Jefferson County, Indiana and married Mary (Hamilton) McElroy, who passed away in 1838.

John McElroy lived in Jefferson County until his death in 1837. His children were: Robert, John Jr., George, James, Sarah and Margaret (from his first marriage) and Eliza and Yates (from his third marriage).

I would appreciate any information.

Ellen Price
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  1. There is only one McElroy listed in the cemetery surveys on the INGenWeb site for Jefferson County (, and that is for a George McElroy.

    McElroy, George F., s/o W. & M.E., d. 1892, age 10 years

    This is in the College Hill Cemetery in Lancaster.

    Annette Harper

  2. Researching link to:

    Eliza Jane McElroy & John A. Berlin

    I am researching William R. Berlin b. 1857 and married 1) Martha Little, divorced and married 2) Audama Gray.

    William's father was John Berlin, and William's sister was Jenny Berlin McNutt.

    This leads me to the parents of William R. Berlin being probably John A. Berlin & Eliza Jane McElroy.

    please help

  3. Hello Ellen,
    I have a photo of Hamilton McElroy, taken possibly in late 1870s. Does this man tie into your family? He was possibly an officer in regular army.
    Norma Meier