Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Bible Question From The Kokomo Library

[Anyone have a good answer for Amy Russell in Kokomo?]      

      We offer a service of scanning family Bible genealogy pages for anyone who brings one in.  We ask if we can post their information publicly on our Howard County Memory Project.  Occasionally, someone will *gift* us with Bibles.  This is beginning to become a storage problem.  If the book itself has no historical value, with the exception of the family pages, is there a respectful way to get rid of the book? 

            I know this is a very touchy issue because I have tried to get an answer on disposing of Bibles with mold (in my personal collection).  I have been told that the books can be burned in the same manner a flag would be burned.  I have also been told to bury the books. 

            So, what do I do with the Bibles gifted to us and taking up space in storage? (After we *harvest* all the genealogically significant information.)

            Thanks for your insight,

Amy Russell

Head, Genealogy & Local History Dept

Kokomo-Howard County Public Library

220 N. Union St. Kokomo, IN 46901


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