Monday, January 21, 2019

Query: Harold Boak, 37th Infantry, WW1 (Indianapolis)


            I met a veteran and his wife in 1979 and 1984 in my hometown Tielt, Belgium. Four years occupied by the German HQ 4OAK Oct 1914-Oct 1918.The 37th Division entered Tielt in Oct 28 1918. Harold Boak was here at 11 Nov 1918. The first gas attacks were ordered from Tielt in 1915.

            I adopted a grave of Capt.  Erb in 2014. Mr. Timman, genealogist from Newark, helped me; also Donna Work from Norwalk. Corey Stewart from the National Archives helped me too. I met her in Waregem near Flanders Field US WWI in 2016. I met also Jody Champagne in 2016.

            Harold Boak is on the left corner with a painting of the castle of Olsene he brought back in 1979. Fifteen American soldiers were buried in Tielt until June 6, 1919. Five among them lies at Flanders Field. Also E Bozenhart. I met regularly Jeff Cameron. His great uncle Ernest Bozenhart died in Tiet;  112th Sanitary Train.

            In 1979 I was just married and at that time I was not especially interested in WWI. In the last 5 years I met journalists to bring the activities of the 37th Div into their attention. They passed by Tielt and his region for the End Offensive from Oct 31, 1918.

            Now I  search for a picture of Harold Boak as a soldier. His files at the National Archives are damaged by water by a fire.

            Can you find the grandson of Harold? His son Jack died probably in 1990. His second wife Lora stayed sometimes by her family in Indianapolis. I have their letters from 1978 until 1990. Thank you very much. (at FB  0496965636walk. Donna?)

Godfried Claerhout

(retired postmaster)

Steenovenstraat 69

B8700 Tielt, Belgium

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