Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Have A Civil War Pension File Stashed Away?

If you are like hundreds of Indiana genealogists, sometime in the past you have ordered a Civil War Pension file from the National Archives for an ancestor of yours. After you squeezed all your family info out of it, did you put it away in an envelope or folder and never looked at it again? Yeah, me, too.
How would you like to share that file (that probably cost you a mint!) and help other researchers working on their relatives? You might even discover a relative yourself.
IGS recommends that you dig out that dusty file and send it--original, printed copy, or digital file--to the Allen County Public Library, so they can put it on the below page of their website.
Go to, then tab Databases, tab Free Databases, tab Our Military Heritage. See "Share Materials" at the bottom right? Select that link and follow the directions. Easy as pie and thankyouverymuch!
                               [ACPL says 300 dpi TIFF images work the best.]

[Actually, you can share all kinds of military records here; spend a little time looking around and see what you might have that someone else could use. Maybe there's even something that you can use!!]

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