Sunday, September 9, 2018

Query: Berenice Irene Martin, Parke County

            Berenice Irene Martin, born June 17, 1896 to John David Martin and Rose Ellen Roop Martin, was my maternal grandmother. Her mother died Sept.14, 1901, reportedly in an auto accident. Her father lived to 1910.

            Via, I find her with parents, sister Olus, grandmother and aunt living together in 1900 in Union township, Parke County. Next record of her is marriage in 1926, Detroit, Michigan. Her sister Olus born 8/22/93, worked as a house servant in 1910, married in 1914, all in Indiana.

            There were varied family stories from my mom, Berenice's daughter, as to her childhood. There was talk of an orphanage, so if you have any information you could share I hope to hear back from you.

 Trina Delany

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