Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Wanted: WW1 Women's Defense Cards

     In 1917 the Woman's Section of the National Council of Defense ordered a survey of all women in the country.  Each state scheduled their own time for their survey.  Surveys are called by a variety of names such as census of women, volunteer cards, or registration of women.  Indiana has two counties which completed their surveys in April, 1918, using a card supplied by the Indiana State Council of Defense for the National Council of Defense.         The cards contain information about the woman's work skills, education, work outside the home, ability to read or speak a foreign language and a wide variety of additional information.  Two Indiana counties are currently known to have the registration cards:  Jasper County and Miami County.  The cards are in their county museums.

     Less than 50,000 of the cards are known to exist and an attempt is being made to identify more that are surely buried in courthouses, libraries, or museums.  We are also looking for information about local Council of Defense activities.  If you find cards in your area please contact Sue Caldwell, IGS Jasper County Genealogist, at

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