Thursday, May 17, 2018

Query: Johanna/Jane C. Brandt, Marion County

            I am looking for more information about my 2xGrandmother and Lodge 236 Knights and Ladies of Honor during the period of 1879-1881--probably and more than likely 1880.  My 2xGrandmother was a member of that Lodge while she, Johanna (Jane) C. Brandt, her husband Frederick Ludwig Wilheim Brandt (Louis/Lewis Brandt-his occupation musician) and their family lived in Indianapolis during that time period, before moving back to Washington, DC., where my 2xGrandmother passed away in 1884. 

            It was mentioned in her obituary that she was a member of that lodge, which I believe she was a very proud member.  We have no information why they were in Indianapolis during that time and no pictures of her or her husband.  If, by chance there is more information of why they were living in Indianapolis or if there are pictures of the members of the lodge during that time and she/he are in in them, I would love to have one or find out how I can obtain one. 

             I would be appreciative of any information you could pass on to me. Thanking you in advance for your information and guidance,  that will answer my questions,

I remain gratefully yours,

Judy Schied

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