Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Can Your Society Use A Free Mobile Scanning Kit?

Indiana Genealogy Digitization Project

       The Indiana Genealogical Society announces the continuation of the Indiana Genealogy Digitization Project, which consists of the following--

                Part One: IGS will present to Indiana non-profit organizations desiring to  engage in the digitization of local records, a portable scanning kit, consisting of a PC laptop computer, a flatbed scanner, a suitable carrying case, and necessary cables, software, and digital storage devices.

                Part Two: IGS will present, at the option of the receiving group, a workshop in the use of and the procedures for the project.

                Part Three: The local non-profit group selected for the Project will, within six months of receiving the scanning kit, deliver to IGS five digital databases for IGS to install in the free area of the IGS website. These databases shall meet the following specifications—

                a. Submitted databases shall be in TIF/PDF files of a minimum 300 dpi. Alternate formats shall be arranged before submission to IGS.

                b. Submitted databases shall be records that are in the public domain, or that shall have the copy holder’s signed permission for IGS to post online. Preferred submissions shall be records from 1945 and older and preferably records that have not been previously digitized. The local non-profit group shall assume responsibility for meeting this stipulation.

                c. The local non-profit group shall agree that IGS can post the databases in the FREE area of the IGS website. The local groups can use the same databases at their option. All submitted databases shall include a brief introductory section explaining the origin/source of the information.

                d. Databases shall be submitted to IGS via email attachments (if size permits), mailed CD or flash drives. These last will be returned, if desired.

                Part Four: After the local non-profit group furnishes IGS with the five required databases, the scanning kit becomes the property of the local nonprofit group. IGS hopes that the local groups will continue to digitize additional local genealogy records, but this is not a formal condition of award.

Go to the IGS website at,

select the Projects tab and then Digitizations.

Apply now! You'll be glad you did!

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