Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Query: Queen Family, Daviess County

            My name is Melissa Queen and I am a History Graduate student (and full time high school history teacher) at Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas. As I approached the end of my graduate courses, I decided to take a genealogy course titled “The Story of My Family” with Dr. Sarah Fanning.

            I have utilized a wide variety of sources to trace my family history all the way back to the Revolutionary era, but the story that caught my attention begins in  Indiana. The story of my disowned great aunt Elva Elizabeth Queen. 

            That being said I was wondering if your society could point me in the right direction of gaining the birth, marriage, or death records of my relatives. Since my location is in Texas, a physical visit in to the archives or records isn’t possible at the moment, any assistance you could provide would be much obliged. Thank you so much for your time and efforts!

            Below is a list of the family members I am seeking records for further assistance: (** most vital)

Sarah Jane Andis (Sarah Jane Queen/Sarah Jane Shrout/Sarah Jane Holt) - March 9, 1858 (died in Oklahoma)

**Melvin Jacob Queen - November 19, 1887 - Odon, Daviess County, Indiana (died Ft.Worth, Texas)

**Elva Elizabeth Queen - September 15, 1884 - Epsom, Daviess County, Indiana (died in Ada, Idaho)

James C. Queen - March 27, 1860 (born in Martin Indiana) - Died Daviess County, April 8, 1931

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  1. Hi cousin, I don't have a lot of information on James Queen, but he is my 2nd great uncle. I am happy to share what I have. Contact me at Anita