Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Query: Cornelius W. Doremus, 87th Infantry, Civil War

I'm researching my 2nd great-grandfather who was in the 87th Indiana Infantry Regiment in Co B. His name was Cornelius W. Doremus. Both he and his brother Christopher J. Doremus enlisted the same day -- August 2, 1862. Unfortunately Cornelius got sick and passed not quite four months later, November 23, 1862 in Louisville, Kentucky.

What I'm trying to find is any photo of this regiment. I have 3 photos of Christopher but none of Cornelius and I wonder if any exist. I have Cornelius's pension record but I'm going to order his compiled service record and any medical records. Though they fought at Perryville Oct 8th, I'm not so certain Cornelius was with them or fought any battles.

What I'm trying to find is any information on this regiment from time he enlisted to time he died and especially if a photo exists of the 87th, let alone Co B. I really want to find out what life was like for him and anything I can about him. I do know of the monument that sits on the courthouse lawn in Winamac. It has all the men listed by name who died from Pulaski County.

Thank you for your time and any suggestions you may have.

Dawn Colbert

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  1. Jack K. Overmyer wrote a wonderful book about the 87th Indiana, called "A Stupendous Effort". I bought a used copy on line and was thrilled to be able to follow the story of my great grandfather. If you've not found this resource yet, I highly recommend it.