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Query: Aaron Claypool, Indiana

            My 3rd great grandfather was born in Ohio and ended up in IA via MO. I'm trying to find information that would show his transit through Indiana and Illinois, and Missouri to Iowa. There aren't any records in census for Indiana that shows him in Indiana.

            Is there a group I can contact that may have a dialog about the exodus of Ohioans at the start of the civil war moving away from Ohio?

            Aaron Claypool; Born 26 Feb 1837 • Eden, Licking, OH; Died 20 May 1882 • Hopeville, Doyle Twp., Clarke Co., IA. His wife was Mary E. Morehouse (b1838–d1908)

            Aaron enlisted in the "Nodaway Home Guard Volunteers" in Nodaway, MO, in 5 July 1861, and was relieved on 2 October 1861. My assumption is they had a daughter in the gap, and he went home to run the farm since the war wasn’t so hot at that time in those parts of the country.

            I’m thinking the Homestead Act of 1861 may have been a reason they left Ohio and headed west plus his brother had slaves in Ohio and that split the family. SLave holders went to KY. Records show Birth of Son James Steven (Stephen) Claypool(1863–1950)10 OCT 1863 • Morrisville, Polk, Missouri, USA. SO he was still in MO until then. 

            Then Aaron had a son William Frances Claypool (1869–1929) 29 Nov 1869 • Clarke Co., IA. SO they were in IA by 1869. I assume they stayed in MO until then, as the Homestead Act called for 5 years in one location. I haven’t found any Homestead land documents as yet. Thanks.

 William Claypool

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