Sunday, November 27, 2016

Query: James Moss, Putnam County

                I am seeking information on the birth parents of James Moss, born April 15, 1874.  Lived in Greencastle, Indiana, I believe, for most of his life until he went into the service, married, and moved to Indianapolis.  His adoptive parents were Nancy Albaugh Moss and John C. Moss of Greencastle.  He died in indianapolis 1932. 

                There was a name mentioned in an old Bible of a Black family; Peter Black from Kentucky or VA.  I looked up a family there-David Black, relative of Peter Black; resemblance is possible.  Moss family, no resemblance to any of the Mosses, including my three sons.  Can you give me some tips?  I have exhausted every lead.  Thanks.

Barbara Moss Hagy
5949 Buck Rill Drive
Indianapolis, Indiana 46237

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