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Query: Hattie and Charles Herbert Blain/Blaine, Marion County

                Searching for records of Hattie Blain/Blaine and Charles Herbert Blain/Blaine.  Father Thomas Blain, born 1849 Scotland. Mother Sophrona Blain died in 1885, a widow at that time leaving three young kids as orphans.                 The children were born in Marion County and Charles Blain lived and died there.  Presumably Hattie died there too. There is a third child, a daughter.  Thomas Blain , the father, disappears from records after 1873.  1880 census his wife declares herself a widow; however, I think it's just as likely that he deserted the family or was institutionalized because I found no grave or death certificate.  In 1873 a news article reports his beating his wife blaming whiskey.  

                Several mysteries with this family:  Thomas Blain(e)'s wife Sophrona (Sophron/Fronia/Fronie/Forona) claims she's related to the John Jacob Mellonkopf family of Marion County.  No records to support this other than her word. (1860,1870 census she's not there with mellonkopfs).  Also one census has her stating that her parents were born in Pennsylvania.  Mollenkopfs were not.  She gives different birth years. I'm guessing it was 1852 and she lied about age earlier because she hadn't reached majority when she married.  Pregnant? Kicked out of the Mollenkopf house?  

                I'm thinking she could been an orphan train person which would explain why she saw herself as family and they did not.  There is an article of an orphan train arriving in 1859, so she could have been placed  in the family just after the 1860 census and then was married in 1869- why she wouldn't show up in 1870 census.  She died very young 1885 and is buried next to a Mollenkopf. 

                So many intriguing mysteries: What happened to Thomas blain(e) Jr. after 1873? Who was Sophrona Blain, a foster child? How did Sophrona die? What happened to Hattie, Charles H. and Elizabeth(?) Blaine when their mother and grandfather died in 1885?

                Charles Blaine later shot himself in 1909 after lifelong battle with alcoholism and at least one stay at a drunk farm.  So you see a tragic family all in all

Lisa Pardon
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Middleton, WI 53562

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