Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Query: School Records, Porter County

                Looking for a source for school records for elementary schools in Pleasant Township, Porter County in the era 1900-1920. I'm particularly interested in information about the names and locations of the schools                 I've checked various sources, including the Newberry Library,Chicago map collection, the Allen County Public Library, The L.D.S. Family History Center Catalog, the Valparaiso Public Library, the Kouts Public Library, Worldcat.org, E-bay, Amazon,the University of Chicago Library and your on- line databases.

Bruce Harmel
2311 Dakota
Johnsburg, Il. 60051-5225

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  1. Pleasant Township plat maps can be found on the excellent Porter County GenWeb site, administered by Steve Shook.

    Also, Shook has placed the Kouts Quasquicentennial book online, in which several pages discuss the history of the schools in the area. See approx. page 50 and onward. The mention of the various schools can be compared to the locations shown on the maps.

    You might also check with the Porter County Museum: