Saturday, July 16, 2016

Query: Bough Family, Lawrence County

            I am looking for stories, pictures, anything to humanize the Bough family that lived in the Lawrence County area during the Limestone Quarry boom times. I believe 1880 - 1920 would cover that time period. They also migrated over to railroad work, with many of them becoming brakemen, switchmen, and even a conductor.
            It starts with John W Bough, who started as a Farmer and became a Teamster at the mines, 1853-1939; his son, Lewis Bough (often misspelled Louis), 1880-1929; and his brothers, Winfred, Pinkney, Bert, Everett, and sister, Mary. Lewis had three sons, John, Elwood and Fredrick 1915-1977.
            I'm very interested in Lewis, and what happened to John and Elwood, along with Lewis's brothers, and the Patriarch John W Bough. I have lots of census, birth, marriage and death records, but not much else. Thanks.

Wynne Linden
1560 S 56th St
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