Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Indiana State Soldiers Home: Bill of Fare, 1901

The Indiana State Soldiers Home opened in West Lafayette in 1896. Its residents were "honorably discharged soldiers, sailors and marines, who have served the United States in any war, and who have been residents of the state for one year immediately preceding the date of application [for admission to the home], who may be disabled or destitute." The wives of such veterans were also eligible for admission, provided that they were at least 45 years old and (in 1901) had married the veteran before 23 February 1895.

Meals were served in the main dining room. Here is the "bill of fare" for December 1901, as it appeared in the Home's annual report that year.
From the 1901 Annual Report of the Indiana State Soldiers Home. (Click to enlarge.)
Breakfast was generally "oat flake" or "wheat flake." Dinner (the noon-time meal) seemed to be the biggest meal, with a meat, a vegetable, a starch (or two), tea, and coffee. Supper (the evening meal) was usually soup or hash, with a fruit or vegetable, bread, and coffee.

You can find some records of the Indiana State Soldiers Home on the military section of the IGS website. (Scroll down to "State Soldiers Home.") These databases are available to IGS members.

What do you think? Could you handle eating the meals on this menu?

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  1. Health-wise, supper is supposed to be a light meal.