Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Query: George Bartlett, Warren County

     My great grandfather, George H. Bartlett (of Pine Township, Warren Co.) reported July of 1863  to register  for duty for the Union Army. I am unable to verify if he actually served during the Civil War.  Was he too old at 42 years? I cannot find discharge papers on the Indiana page for him on the Indiana Civil War soldiers page.  Can you help?  Thank you!

Name:  Geo Bartlett  Birth Year:  ca 1821  Place of Birth:  Virginia    Age on 1 July 1863:    42
Race: White  Marital Status: Unmarried (Single)  Residence: Indiana  Congressional District: 8th

Cindy Bartlett Baker
3954 Manti Road
Farragut, IA 51639

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