Thursday, April 23, 2015

Road Closures Near IGS Conference: How to Navigate

Important notice for those attending the IGS conference on Saturday, April 25:

9th Street beyond Chestnut has a partial barricade, due to dorm demolition on the ISU campus. IGS attendees should go around the barricade and then turn left into the parking lot. Do NOT follow the detour signs.

Here is a photo of the intersection, showing where to go around the signs and turn left into the parking lot:

9th and Chestnut. Drive around the barricade and turn left into the parking lot.

If you are carpooling, use 7th Street instead of 9th Street. Passengers can be dropped off at one of two areas after driving north on 7th. Drop off your passengers, then continue north on 7th, turn right on Tippecanoe, then south (right) onto 8th Street, then into the parking lot on the left.

South entrance drop off area. Enter the drive from 7th Street.

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