Wednesday, March 19, 2014

FOUND: Bartholomew County marriage license 1923

Bonnie Merriman ( has found what appears to be the original marriage license for Fred Herman WEHMEIER and Mildred Minnie GRAFFA. It has a raised seal from Bartholomew County and is dated September 11, 1923. If you are a relative and are interested in the document, please contact her directly.

NOTE: According to the marriage application (found online at FamilySearch), Fred Herman Wehmeier was born January 22, 1892 in Bartholomew County, the son of Henry D. Wehmeier and Malinda Brockman. Mildred Minnie Graffa was born July 23, 1901 in Waymansville, Indiana, the daughter of Edward Graffa and Emma Limecrarger.

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