Friday, November 15, 2013

Query: Thomas Wood, Madison County

                I am doing research for a client whose ancestor died in Madison County in 1895.  The ancestor's name is Thomas Wood.  His wife Anna Wood died in 1876 in Madison County as well.  Thomas was born about 1810 in North Carolina and migrated to Indiana in the 1850's.  My client wants to know the identities of Thomas' parents.
                I cannot find a death record for him at (Indiana Deaths 1882-1920) or at the Indiana Digital Archives.  Do you know of any reason, particular to Madison County, that no death record is appearing for Thomas Wood?  Did a courthouse burn?  Or, is it our poor luck that the family didn't bother to walk to the courthouse to report the death?  His two children were living in Madison County at the time, so I would think they would have known to report the death and would have been the informants.
                Are there any other sites I can search that you know of that will locate IN death records from 1895? Thank you for your help and time,

Brian L. Bennett, MEd, CPhT
Dinwiddie, VA

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  1. A court house fire in 1880 destroyed records, but you should be able to find the 1895 record. The Anderson Public Library has a database of obituaries from 1850-1906. It looks like you can get a copy of an obituary for Thomas Woods, death 1895, from there. For more information click on Contact the Indiana Room. I hope this helps.