Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Query: Inquest/Coroner Reports, Greene County

                Greetings from New Jersey.  My g-g-grandfather is rumored in family lore to have been a suicide in the town of Bloomfield, Richland Township, Greene County, Indiana, in 1870 to 1874.  I can find no death record in the usual places, and I am now seeking to know if inquests were held back then, and if jury/coroner reports were made at the local level and kept in the towns. 

                I have not tried to contact the town yet until I can get an idea of the system back then.  Could you advise me of what actions or procedures would have been typical back then, and/or suggest where to start looking for possible inquest records?
                Thank you very much. BTW, I went to Indiana Institute of Technology there in Fort Wayne in 1967-68.  Small world!

Fred Platt
Wayne, NJ

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