Friday, September 27, 2013

Query: Stephen Baker, Madison/Rush Counties

                 Looking for information on Stephen McNeal Baker, my great-grandfather.  He lived most of his life in Rushville, Indiana, (born in New York) but spent the last few years in or near Anderson.
                According to his obituary (published in the Rushville newspaper) he died at his home in Anderson on 30 October 1897 after having been sick for some time. He is buried in a small country cemetery near Rushville. After his death his wife, Isabel, returned to Rushville.
                I've been to the Anderson library and looked through the Anderson 1897 newspapers but can't find any notice of his death. I've visited the Anderson Health Department and they don't have any record of his death. The Rush County health department doesn't have any record of his death either.
                So, I was wondering if there was a local genealogist who might be able to suggest other places to look for information concerning Stephen's death.  I was hoping to find a death certificate or other document that identified who Stephen's parents were, which is my brick wall. Thanks.

Bill Baker
Dayton, OH

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